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You will find all the information you need for participating at the AGM 2024 on this site.

Select the questions below to read more.

Practical information about the AGM

The AGM will be held 19 - 21 april 2024 at Ambassaden, Henrik Ibsens gate 48 in Oslo.

The AGM is open for all members of Amnesty International Norway. To be allowed to vote, you have to have been a member for at least six months ahead of the AGM.

Are you under 18? Your guardian has to sign a consent form for you to participate. You will find the form here.

As a member of Amnesty International Norway, you can simply logg inn to "Min Side" here. Choose a log-in method (SMS or Vipps), and fill in your mobile number. On the first page, scroll down to "arrangementer". You will find the event and registration form for the AGM 2024 here, if you are a member.

The deadline for registration is friday 14 march 2023.

Do you have problems logging in? Contact Amnesty at [email protected] or call 22 40 22 00.

There is a participation fee of 300 kr for ordinary members and 150 kr for members under 25 years. This includes lunch and snacks.

You can pay by card upon registrating your participation for the AGM. If you cancel the payment, you will be sent a payment notice to the email address you registered with. You are not secured a spot before the payment is completed. Please note that the registration is binding upon payment of the participation fee.


You can apply for a refund of travel expenses from Amnesty in Norway. There is a 350 kr deductible for travel expenses on the refund for ordinary members. The deductible is 200kr for members under 25 years.

Please note: you will only be refunded for travel expenses if you participated and checked in at the AGM.


Participants need to book and pay for their own accomodation. Members under 25 will be offered accomodation - but must remember to check this off in the registration form.

For members over 25 who wish to participate at the AGM, but may not be able to cover accomodation expenses and therefore hindering them to participate at the AGM, you may apply for financial suppport for the AGM.

For more information, check the next question below.

The AGM 2024 will be held at Ambassaden in Henrik Ibsens gate 48 in Oslo

Members over 25 are required to book their own accommodation for the AGM, but if you are not able to participate due to accomodation expenses - you can apply financial support.

Financial support for accomodation at the AGM:

Amnesty offers fincancial support if you are not able to cover the accomodation expenses for the AGM - You can read more about this here.

Members under 25:

Members under 25 will be offered accomodation - but must remember to check this off in the registration form.

Members need to make their own travel arrangements. However, as a member you can apply for a refund from Amnesty for any travelexpenses. A deductible of 350 kr for ordinary members and 200 kr for members 25 years or younger applies. Read more about how you can apply for a refund below.

Applications for travel expenses refunds are available on the bottom of this page and have to be received by the secretariat by 24 may 2024.

Travel costs are a significant cost for the AGM, and we therefore ask everyone to choose as affordable a travel option as possible. The earlier you book your trip, the more affordable tickets will be. Due to climate concerns, we ask everyone who can to choose forms of transportation other than planes.

We cover travel costs up to these maximum amounts:

Svalbard: 6750 kr

Nord-Norge: 6750 kr

Midt-Norge: 6750 kr

West-Norway: 6750 kr

Sør- og Øst-Norge: 5250 kr

There is a 350 kr deductible on travel costs for ordinary members, and 200 kr for members 24 years or younger. Tickets and other attachments (receipts) need to be attached to the application. Applications with lacking inforamtion and/ or documentation will be returned to the sender with information about what is missing. If you are not able to send in the documentation, the application will be denied. Applications that are received after the 24 May 2024 will not be processed, and therefore will not be refunded.

When applying for a refund, the application form must be signed and scanned with valid attachments combined in one pdf-file and sent to: [email protected], or by post to:

Amnesty International i Norge
PB 702 Sentrum
0106 Oslo

The venue for the Annual General Meeting is at Ambassaden in Henrik Ibens gate 48, Oslo. It is in central Oslo, and you can take all the subway lines to "Nationaltheateret" station.

If you need interpretation to participate at the AGM - please remember to inform us about this in the registration form. We cannot, at this point, gurantee that we will be able to offer proffesional interpretaion during the AGM - but we will make sure that there will be offered interpretaion from Norwegian to English at the AGM for parts of the programme (more information will come in the programe).

Unfortunately, we will not be offering any digital participation at this years AGM.

If you did not find your question answered in this page, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected], and we will make sure to answer your question as soon as possible.

Information concerning the AGM proceedings

All documents for the AGM will be published on AI Norway's homepage one month prior to the AGM. Here you will find the agenda, list of motions, background documents as well as the board's report and the election committee's proposal for new board members.

The AGM is open for all members of Amnesty International Norway, and everyone who has been a member for at least six months prior to the AGM has voting rights.

Become a member here.

Motions which require changes to Amnesty Norway's statues have to be received by the board latest 3 months prior to the AGM: 19 january 2024

For ordinary motions, the deadline is 6 weeks prior to the AGM: 8 March 2024.

Read more about how to propose a motion to the AGM here.

To make sure everyone can participate at the AGM, even if it is your first time, there will be an introduction to the relevant documents and procedures of the AAGM before the official opening on Saturday 20.april. Check here for updated information as it becomes available.

There will also be a brief runthrough of procedures when the AGM is opened on saturday morning 20.april.

You can fin Amnesty in Norway's statues (in Norwegian) here.

You can find the terms of procedure for the AGM (Forretningsorden for landsmøtet) (in Norwegian) here.

For more detail about what you might expect of the AGM you can see our manual for the AGM (in Norwegian) here.

Travel refund form- send to [email protected] as one pdf-file