Tips for "letter to the editor" /op-ed

How to get your "letter to the editor"/op-ed on print in the newspaper.
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Op-ed in the newspaper or online is a good way to highlight and draw attention to Amnesty’s and the group’s work. Are you planning an Amnesty event where you live? Write about it in the newspaper first!

Writing in english?
If you are planning to write in english - check if the newspaper takes english texts!

Before you begin:

Where will the op-ed be published? Choose an appropriate newspaper, whether it’s the local paper, “Si :D” in Aftenposten, or another newspaper or website. Avoid submitting to multiple places simultaneously. Many newspapers have rules regarding the length of op-eds, so consider that before you start writing. Also, be aware that most newspapers reserve the right to shorten and edit submissions. Regardless, it’s always wise to be concise when writing an op-ed.

Local Angle:

Tip: Write with someone else!

You can write as an individual, with someone else, or on behalf of the activist group.

Make sure to check with the rest of the group if you’re writing on their behalf!

When writing an op-ed for the local newspaper, it’s essential to have a local angle. Connect it to the group’s work for the cause or an upcoming event you’re organizing. Local papers love showcasing local engagement!

Explain the Issue:

Use facts from Amnesty’s action circular or online signing campaigns to write about the issue. Explain it in a straightforward manner so that people understand who you’re advocating for, why you’re doing it, and how they and others can contribute to improving the situation.

Remember to be factual! Avoid targeting or referring to those who disagree with us in an inappropriate manner. You want the issue to be taken seriously, and personal attacks won’t achieve that.

Write Personally:

Share what personally engages you or the group in this cause. Your passion can resonate with others!

Consider the Reader:

Who will read your op-ed? If, for example, you’re writing for a youth page, keep that in mind regarding language and content. What do you want the reader to know, and what viewpoints do you want to convey?


Title: Choose a short, engaging title.

Introduction (Ingress): In 2-3 sentences, introduce the reader to the topic and capture their interest. Describe the issue and your viewpoint.

Main Body: In this section, present your arguments clearly and provide solid reasoning. Consider including relatable examples to help readers connect with your message. Remember to specify who or what the issue concerns and explain why it is important.

Conclusion: Use the conclusion to highlight a key point. Explain how you believe the situation can be improved and encourage readers to get involved.

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