Who should be a part of Amnesty's next board?

The participants at the 2023 AGM will elect Amnesty's next board.
Publisert: 29. nov 2021, kl. 10:36 | Sist oppdatert: 26. Apr 2023, kl. 15:41


Do you want to be a part of Amnesty's board? Or do you know about someone who should run? Please contact the election comittee.

The election comittee's role is to nominate members to Amnestys board. The board members are elected by the AGM.

The board consists of a Chair, Vice Chair, six board members and four substitute members.

At the 2023 AGM, the following roles are to be elected: Two ordinary members and four substitute members, as well as the members of the election comittee.

All members of Amnesty in Norway has the right to propose themselves or other members for a role on the board. The election comittee is looking for candidates that have a variety of backgrounds, relating to for example qualifications, gender, age, geography and diversity in the Norwegian society.

the election comittee's needs analysis for the period starting in April 2023 will be published below as soon as it is ready. Note that the analysis is only available in Norwegian.

Propose candidates

To propose a candidate, please contact one of the members of the election comittee, ideally by 12 february 2023:

Mina Haugen (leader of the election comittee)


[email protected]

Gro Herefoss Davidsen


[email protected]

Thomas Øvestad

Steinar Vike


[email protected]